The days are much shorter now and the weather has been getting colder. That only means one thing – Winter is coming.

Cozy is calling! A new winter is finally making its step forward here in Mauritius. 

Body & Soul WINTER COLLECTION 2019 is all about confidence, strength, a booming restart, embracing your personal style and who you are as a person.  Get ready for the Winter collection  online reveal, April 24th. This winter’s inspiration is for you, ladies & gentlemen to give another twist to your winter wardrobe icons such as Blazers, Biker jacket, Cardigans and bomber jackets. 

The making of the Body & Soul Winter Collection was completely different from past ones. 

If some words can describe the photoshoot – “Forget the rules, if you like it WEAR IT”.

The photoshoot mood was all about



Our models, Delphine, Alexandrine, Julien and Thierry were all styled up by our Fashion Editor/Stylist, Melanie-Ann Martingale. 

Behind the Scenes

of our Edgy photoshoot



The make-up mood of Winter 2019 photoshoot was all about embracing fierceness of a woman with warm tones eyes and bold lips – burgundy colour was chosen as it is the IT lipstick color for the winter season. Make-up was beautifully done by Hans Telvave.

For the hairstyle, we have chosen THE hair accessory trend of the moment – Hair pins.  Golden pins were chosen while bringing a graphic spin with multiple ones for some edgy vibe. Hairstyle was nicely created by MelyHairtylist.

Accessories were carefully chosen in line with what’s currently trending right now. Oversize belts and layered necklaces had their time to shine to make the winter looks from chic to chicer!

Step into

Behind the scenes of our

EDGY WINTER Photoshoot





Winter is coming and of course we don't want to look unprepared.

A cozy winter is made sweeter if you wrapped up with the right closet staples.

Stay connected and discover the best Winter outfits proposed by Body & Soul for the Winter Collection 2019

Save the Date for the Winter online reveal on 24th April 2019!

Do things differently

with Blazers

Get prepared to discover the favourite staples of the collection for HIM and for HER to look GOOD even when it's too cold to deal!

Ladies, two words:  GET WAISTED in your favourite blazer!

Gentlemen, forget the classic spin of a classic shirt combo with a structured blazer. 

Stay connected for more fashion advices coming up on 24th April.

Who said winter clothing is only made of wool fabric? NO. This winter season, Body & Soul brings you with not only different kind of fabrics but the trendiest ones too such as Tweed, PU, Suede and so on. Be ready also for some bi-material winter staples coming to your closet.