Frequently Asked Questions

If we can answer your question quickly, please see our FAQ below. If ever we can answer any other queries, feel free to send us a message Thanks !

  1. What is the price and size of this product?

Each product price and size is inserted in comment of the picture HERE.

 Feel free to check it out at your nearest Body & Soul shop.


2. Product availability

We cannot give you the exact availability of a product given that we are in a fast fashion industry and the products are available till stock lasts. First come, first served! You can call directly in shop here to ask for product availability.
However if you have the product's name and other information, you can send your query by mail on customerservice@exoticgroup.net


3. Are you recruiting at this moment?

 Please visit our website HERE to view our job advert.

Otherwise, kindly send your CV and motivation letter to the HR Department on vacancies@exoticgroup.net or call on 401 14 75 / 401 14 76  for more information. If you are shortlisted, the HR department will contact you directly.


5. Where are Body & Soul shops found in Mauritius?

Please find HERE the list of our Body & Soul shops all over the Island.

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