Care for your clothes

Caring for your clothes! 

Part 1

You take time to carefully choose your clothes and you cherish them in your wardrobe!


You want to keep them in a good state for a longer period of time?

Below are some useful tips that will help you take care of your clothes.

It all begins with understanding the tag!

Below are some common symbols you will usually find on clothing tags.


Learn to decode their meaning by knowing what they stand for …


Remember to sort your clothes items according to 4 main criteria:
Sort by color – separate whites, darks and medium colors, in case the colors run. Lighter garments, especially whites, can pick up dyes from darker colors.

Sort by fabric type, separating delicate or lightweight fabrics from tougher and heavier ones. Also, items which generate lint, such as towels, should be washed separately.

Sort by degree of soiling. Heavily soiled items should be kept separate from slightly soiled items to prevent fading and to keep whites and colors looking bright.

Sort by size. Mixing small and large items together lets clothes move more freely, resulting in better washing.


Make sure you follow the correct temperature as specified on the care label.


Always wash your dark clothes inside-out to ensure they hold their color.


Darker materials can become faded after the wash as it rubs up against other garments.


Wash Your Clothes Less. The washing processcan prove to be tough on your clothes. Agitating, tumbling, and coming in contact with other garments can leave garments faded and damaged.


Unless your outerwear is visibly dirty, you probably don’t need to wash it after each wearing. See if you can extend washing to every other wear, or even three wears, before you toss your garments in the laundry.


Remove and hang up garments as soon as they are dry to prevent wrinkles.


Don't overload the dryer. Clothes need room to tumble freely in order to dry fast and wrinkle-free. 


To be continued...